A few words about Massaggio brand

The beginnings of Massaggio brand date back to 2009, when the idea of introducing to the market a new, distinctive line of massage chairs was born. Massaggio is an original, independent brand of massage chairs. While observing the market of massage chairs a few years ago, we noticed the hidden potential of these products and a number of possibilities and improvements that can be still introduced in terms of their functions, quality of craftsmanship, quality of massage. We registered the trademark in 2010 and started developing the brand.

After extensive talks with clients and based on our experience, we were able to define the features of massage chairs that are most desired by Poles. As a result, we placed an order for the production of massage chairs under our own brand. We chose a specialised factory that we have been working with ever since to create a complete line of massage chairs. The factory is located in the global massage chair manufacturing centre, China. Right there, manufacturers are able to offer high quality workmanship and equip chairs with advanced massage functions thanks to appropriate technology and years of experience.

Today, after years of cooperation with one manufacturer, having developed our own production standards and quality control methods, we cannot imagine manufacturing our massage chairs anywhere else.

What makes Massaggio massage chairs stand out?

When developing the Massaggio massage chairs range, we paid attention to several important factors that have since become distinctive qualities of our brand:

  • Innovative features – each of our massage chairs includes the most innovative and up-to-date massage functionalities.
  • High quality craftsmanship – we carefully control the production process so that our models are made of durable components and are characterized by high reliability.
  • Comprehensive offer – In Massaggio line, there are basic massage chairs for beginners, coin-operated chairs as well as advanced massage chairs for demanding clients.
  • Competitive price – by selling our products independently, without having to rely on a network of intermediaries, we reduce unnecessary costs while maintaining high quality and full functionality of massage chairs.
  • Beautiful design – an extremely important feature of our massage chairs, which the brand name Massaggio refers to, is their extraordinary design, inspired by the beautiful Italian aesthetics. We do our best to make our massage chairs distinguish themselves on the market with unique, futuristic style and at the same time constitute an exceptional and modern element of interior design of any flat or house.


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