Massaggio Esclusivo

Pleasure advances to a higher level
Fotel do masażu Massaggio Esclusivo - automatyczne rozkładanie

Comprehensive full body massage – from the nape of the neck to the fingertips


Exceptionally deep and stress relieving relaxation


Innovative features and the latest technology


Modern design and top-quality craftsmanship

Fotel masujący Massaggio Esclusivo

Massaggio Esclusivo massage chair becomes a modern centre of home relaxation. Every time you start it, it will recline to the Zero-Gravity position, scan your spine and commence an incredibly relaxing massage.

Extremely user-friendly model with 6 automatic programmes: you can enjoy a 20-minute massage cycle that uses both the massaging arms and airbag system.

  • Relax – relaxing massage programme using techniques that improve blood circulation and ensure rejuvenation of the entire body.
  • Comfort – gentle massage that relaxes the whole body, lowers blood pressure and slows the heart rate.
  • Ache relief – deep massage programme for the whole body removing tension and pain from aching muscles. It is particularly recommended after physical activity.
  • Demo – short, 6-minute full body massage programme for a quick and effective regeneration. Recommended during short breaks every day.
  • Upper body – relaxing massage programme focused on the upper body parts.
  • Lower body – relaxing massage programme focused on the lower parts of the body.
Fotel masujący Massaggio Esclusivo - sterowanie

Automatic massage programmes in Massaggio Esclusivo take advantage of the massaging arms that imitate the movements of masseur’s hands – in 5 massage techniques

  • shiatsu
  • kneading
  • tapotement
  • kneading with tapotement
  • pounding

Customised programmes

Thanks to the available memory, it is possible to configure 2 additional automatic programmes.

The massage chair allows for the selection of a single massage technique and directing the massaging arms to the exact area that needs massaging and relaxation. Available massage ranges:

  • fixed area massage
  • partial massage
  • full body massage
  • upper back massage
  • lower back massage

“select the fixed area kneading massage and direct the massaging arms to the neck area only”.


3 levels of speed and width

The Massaggio Esclusivo massage chair lets you set the speed and width of operation of massaging arms in 3 levels, adjusting the session to your preferences.

Fotel masujący Massaggio Esclusivo - funkcja L-shape


Massaging arms, which usually massage up to lumbar area, reach down to the buttocks and thighs, which brings exceptional sensations and significantly improves the effect of relaxation – an astonishing 132 cm of effective massage range!

Fotel masujący Massaggio Esclusivo - masaż nóg

Foot massage

Foot massage in the Massaggio Esclusivo is performed with massaging rollers and airbags. This feature allows for more effective massage and relaxation of tense feet (3 speed levels).

Additionally, retractable footrests ensure comfortable massage position by adjusting to the height of each person (extension up to 16 cm).

Fotel masujący Massaggio Esclusivo - masaż rąk

Airbag massage

Airbags enveloping shoulders and forearms, calves and feet, stimulate blood circulation and relax tense muscles with their pulsating massage (3 intensity levels to choose from).

Fotel masujący Massaggio Esclusivo - funkcja Zero-Gravity


The ideal position of a massage chair that gives the feeling of relaxation and provides much more intensive massage experience (2 levels).

Fotel masujący Massaggio Esclusivo - funkcja Zero-Gravity


Ergonomic, space-saving solution. The massage chair can be pushed completely up against the wall and it moves itself away from the wall while reclining (only 5 cm of free space is required).

Fotel masujący Massaggio Esclusivo - ogrzewanie pleców

IR heating

Thanks to infrared heating in the backrest, the chair warms up deep tissues and massages tense muscles with ease while providing comfortable and cosy warmth (up to 40 °C).

Fotel masujący Massaggio Esclusivo - jakość wykonania


Craftsmanship that can be seen and felt right away.

Technical specifications
  • Model: Massaggio Esclusivo
  • Standard warranty: 24 months (individual customers), 12 months (business owners)
  • Dimensions in sitting position: 76 x 113 x 135 cm (W x H x L)
  • Dimensions in reclined position: 76 x 92 x 185 cm (W x H x L)
  • Case dimensions: 77.5 x 90 x 142 cm
  • Seat width: 52 cm
  • Available colours: light cream (gradually turning to white)
  • Material: high quality synthetic leather, plastic, metal
  • Weight: 86.5 kg
  • Power consumption: 150 W
  • Loudness: < 58 dB
  • Made in China
  • Certification: CE
  • Additional features: wheels for moving on flat surfaces, convenient pocket for magazines/books, LED illumination on the sides