Massaggio Eccellente 2

Massage, design, quality - just what you need to relax
Fotel masujący Massaggio Eccellente 2 - pozycje

Beautiful design and modern solutions


SL-shape massage – from the neck down to the thighs


Roller foot massage and magnetotherapy


3 colour versions: black, beige, caramel-mahogany

Fotel masujący Massaggio Eccellente 2 - kolory

Massaggio Eccellente 2 encloses all the most necessary, advanced massage functionalities in a beautiful, delicate form. It welcomes you with a unique design and numerous possibilities.

Massaggio Eccellente 2 offers massage in one of 7 automatic programmes. Choose one of them and enjoy the massage any given day, not only after hard work.

  • Comfort – smooth full body massage relaxing your muscles
  • Relax – highly relaxing massage, which removes tension from the entire body
  • Full Body – comprehensive massage for the entire body
  • Neck&Shoulder – massage concentrated on the neck and shoulder area
  • Back&Waist – massage intended for the loins and buttocks
  • Stretch – legs stretching programme, ideal for removing fatigue and regenerating strength
  • Demo – krótki program demonstracyjny, lub gdy nie masz czasu na pełną sesję masażu.
Fotel masujący Massaggio Eccellente 2 - pilot

The chair lets you enjoy one of 5 manual techniques:

  • Kneading
  • Tapotement
  • Kneading with tapotement
  • Pounding
  • Shiatsu

The application of each technique can be additionally targeted:

  • Fixed area
  • Partially
  • Full range
  • At the upper back
  • At the lower back and buttocks

To further optimise the massage to suit individual preferences, the speed and width can be easily adjusted.


3 levels

3 levels of intensity for the airbags massage and 3 levels of width and speed for the mechanical massage

Fotel masujący Massaggio Eccellente 2 - SL-shape


The massage range of the Massaggio Eccellente 2 reaches beyond the loins. The massaging arms perform the massage from the neck, through the entire length of the spine down to the buttocks. In addition, the SL massager follows the line of the spine to ensure a proper alignment.

Fotel masujący Massaggio Eccellente 2 - masaż łydek

Calf massage

The airbags system envelops the calves with a pleasant touch, persistently and effectively stimulating the circulation, removing the tension accumulated in the feet after a long day or even earlier, for example, during a break at work.

Fotel masujący Massaggio Eccellente 2 - Zero Gravity

Zero Gravity

The Zero Gravity position is considered to be the most comfortable massage position, great for muscle relaxation and reducing pressure on the spine.

Fotel masujący Massaggio Eccellente 2 - masaż rąk

Airbags massage

The airbags massage feature takes tension off the entire body, especially legs, arms and forearms in both pleasant and effective way. It stimulates blood circulation and relaxes the muscles.

Fotel masujący Massaggio Eccellente 2 - ogrzewanie


IR heating will pleasantly warm your body and contribute to the elimination of accumulated tension.

Fotel masujący Massaggio Eccellente 2 - jakość

Quality of craftsmanship

Unique colour palette and finish with great attention to detail.

Let’s take a look at the details


Fotel masujący Massaggio Eccellente 2 - wymiary
Technical specifications
  • Automatic programmes: 7 automatic programmes
  • Massage techniques and range: 5 massage techniques, fixed area massage, partial, full body
  • Adjustment options: 3 levels of intensity of airbags massage, 3 levels of speed of mechanical massage, 3 levels of width of mechanical massage
  • Massaging arms’ range: from the neck down to the thighs (SL-shape: 135cm)
  • Airbags massage areas: calves, shoulders, forearms
  • Autoreclining: to Zero Gravity position
  • Scanning the spine: yes, adjustment to height
  • Heating: back (IR up to 40 °C)
  • Additional features: SL-shape, wheels for moving on flat surfaces, phone holder
  • Maximum height: 192 cm
  • Acceptable weight: 140 kg
  • Dimensions in sitting position: 76 cm x 112 cm x 147 cm (W x H x L)
  • Dimensions in reclining position: 76 cm x 96 cm x 150 cm (W x H x L)
  • Seat width: 51 cm
  • Weight: 71 kg
  • Maximum power consumption: 90 W
  • Loudness: <60 dB